so some people say that in true social app you just can't receive a text confirmation number so to create an account you need to enter your email get email confirmation and then click on the link there and then enter your phone number and then you just need to receive like confirmation text so yes some people decide that they're just trying to research use resent button for five six times and then it just doesn't work so the sms text doesn't arrive um so make sure that you are using us phone number maybe try other us phone number also what you can do actually you can use the app maybe just for this part which is called text now maybe there are some issues with your phone number so there are apps where you can actually legitimately get uh test us phone number and register your account with that at least in my case the sms verification arrives to that phone number which you can can create with the tax now app so that's what can be suggested here

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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