Can't sign up to an app "You need to use a real mobile number" Error

hey there so sometimes when you when you're trying to sign up with some apps and you can only do it with the phone number you see this red error which says something like this you gotta use your real number no uh YP Google Voice burners so what does it mean like so if you're trying to sign up for example because you ask phone number it means yeah that's what it says basically so if you if you used uh some app for example like Google Voice and created the phone number there it's not gonna work or you use like an app like a Text Plus or text now there are a bunch of apps where you can kind of get like a virtual second SIM card and it's like it's just a virtual number you can get it just to receive some SMS it's not gonna work with some apps especially in with the finance apps or some other apps where um you need like you know instant cashback or uh or like you know some there was requirements for more secure approach um yeah these kind of numbers usually won't work so it can work with some apps like you know Snapchat where you just have your second number just for usability for because it's convenient but if you're trying to use more apps which require more security this just not gonna work so it's uh it's a common error um yeah so your solution to that is just you know uh you need a real number with Verizon uh uh or you know like uh T-mobile or uh one of those major carriers it shouldn't be always like uh

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