Can’t upgrade to new Twitter Blue - no such option in my app

hey so when I'm trying to upgrade to Twitter blue there is no such option right now in my account so I'm just curious why is that um yeah so I just updated Twitter app but seems uh yeah the app it doesn't have this like you know where iPhone find setting it supports there is no this option to get to upgrade to Twitter blue uh maybe it's just because your account should be registered only in United States or something like that meaning only this Us phone number or maybe you you need to check that you updated your app and of course it should be on iOS iPhone not on Android other than that I don't know teacher blue is not available for me and I'm meaning this new Twitter blue which costs like eight dollars per month which everyone wants to try out to see if they will have a blue check mark by the way even if you upgrade right now you won't be having a blue check mark you will yeah uh it still doesn't work yet but how could it work in future

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