CAN’t UPGRADE to TWITTER BLUE $7.99? Here is why

so in case you're trying to upgrade to Twitter blue and uh it's it's not working for you um so let's just check it out why it can be so first this update was released three days ago when this video was published um and then you can see that yeah there is a description so you can already get Twitter blue for some 99 per month if you sign up and you can get a blue check mark but what people actually tell on Twitter that I paid for it I upgraded there is a display to see a blue check mark but nothing is happening and I can't add a blue check mark so first of all it's only available with verification in iOS in U.S Canada Australia and New Zealand and UK so you need to be located in these countries maybe you like your Wi-Fi connection should be in these countries and also your Twitter account should be registered in these countries I guess maybe you need to be registered with us phone number for example if you're registered like this German phone number probably is just not gonna work so that's just my suggestion about it second what I read is just like during election they just not gonna release this feature so right now there are some like uh uh Congress elections in in United States so during this period they decided not to release this feature because it can be sensitive so I guess you should just try it out after like uh elections and in these locations and then after that it should be working

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