here's interesting app cappuccino stay in touch podcast from friends and this app is rapidly growing in charts in social networking and it's like super interesting audio chat app which let's just try to explore and see how it works in this video so listen to audio stories from friends and family daily podcasts from friends record live updates funny moments and drama move your friends and groups to audio you can create some challenges and that's that's basically it so it's kind of like a daily podcast app but it's features podcasts from your closest friends you and your friends record short audio stories which are called beans because like this is what cappuccinos are made from throughout the day like life updates funny moments of drama next morning you listen to your cappuccino a mix of your friends fun stories with background music feels like a mini podcast from your friends and it makes you smile off and feel closer together so yep there you have it amazing app there are a bunch of reviews already and it will be much more so here it is here is the app this app is focused on you know like privacy and closes connection so you can't find people from anywhere you need to have your groups this is my group which i can invite my family or my friends and yep this is this is where i can see some beans which i recorded and then uh yeah so this is the group where i can invite some of my friends you can invite also friends to the app the top right i can join the different group of my friends and family just by entering in white code but this is my group and then for example i want to share a story i can attach text photo or prompt to my story and then i can just record it so this is a new being i'm trying just to test it out and then i can record it i can add some text i can send to my group and then that's basically it so now i send i send this b into the group and thanks to this bin your group will have cappuccino tomorrow and this builds a group strike so that's basically it so now i will receive notification next morning with all updates from this group so imagine some of your friends recorded hey i'm traveling in mountains and then your their parents recorded that they are chilling somewhere in summer house or uh yeah someone else is at work and you're getting all these updates from your friends in audio format and then for example this app also adds some interesting background sounds hi there this is my beanie i can also unlock this bin which i just recorded and yes this is what we just recorded here prompt my group that this is additional feature where you can have some interesting games with participants of the group there are different hashtags tags about family couples uh and then this is how it looks like for example for the next seven days a question will be sent to a group for everyone to answer over time the questions will get deeper see if your friend group reaches elite status play now so describe your favorite memory of the friend group and then you just need to record the answer but the answer obviously should be in audio format so that's basically the the overview of how how this app works and then of course you can edit your name you can add profile picture you can see all the stats here you can see your bins there are my marks which are basically some rewards then you can edit your cappuccino time this is basically the time when your cappuccino is created so when you're enjoying your morning coffee you're just listening to all of these updates from your friends and family and this is quite interesting and then yeah then you have all the different features here uh you can delete your account if you want yes is that simple but just so you know this action is not reversible and will result in the deletion of all your content profile data and bins and then you can just choose and tap yes delete so that's what you can do as well yeah other than that i don't know what to show like the app is like very minimalistic very interesting it's it's a new like interesting approach and i think this app will grow definitely so probably you've heard about clubhouse which are like real-time audio chats but sometimes clubhouse can be a bit overwhelming and there is just like too much stuff going on there and yeah but here you just have your closest friends uh in your group and then everyone just records some kind of feelings some kind of focused emotions or some information and then you can just listen to it so then there are all these ratings and reviews so let's just see the average rating is 4.4 out of 5. the flow of beans is confusing one thing though so latin you choose the time the only thing i could possibly want is i would love if the group could select the time that their daily cappuccino would be ready i always usually could make the time 7 a.m instead of right now i could listen to our podcast while i'm getting ready for school so that's already available more editing capabilities some suggestions so these are some reviews back from one year ago but seems this app just went viral a bit on tick tock and it's just growing in charges a lot of apps these days uh if some of the video about it goes while on tick tock is instantly spikes in top charts is there a way to turn off vibrations when we receive cappuccinos crash is 90 percent when i send a bean unable to pause being able to delete beans being able to change group names uh so there are some suggestions but overall very positive and warm feedback so definitely cool app give it a try check it out and if you like this video please also like it push that like button and consider sending a super thanks to this video

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