Cash App 99% OFF ONE PURCHASE 2021 Deal Overview

hey everyone so i'm just exploring this offer from cash app i found this article here uh basically there will be a promotion from the cash app which is called cash app 99 off what it means that cash app will be offering 99 basic cashback on your purchase so you need for that you need to order your cash visa cash card in app turn on your notification and brace yourself to save next week [Music] and then what it says here on the website the way it works you have like 20 minutes to spend what you can and get 90 90 percent back up to 50 dollars so you will just say here's the easiest way to do it is just buy for example some gift cards some for example some amazon gift card and which will give you 50 dollar credit so yeah um let's see if it works uh the same this year and then yeah 99 download cash up so you just need to get a cash app and get and have a visa card inside of a cash up [Music] so yeah so something like that uh so definitely try it out and let's see if this works um so yeah hope this quick overview was helpful if you have better ideas about like how to use this credit or you had experience with cash up 99 of last year just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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