Cash App - automatic replies in customer support

so i'm just going through some of the reviews of the cache app in the like ios app store and what i see here that there are like people are really not happy with the cache app customer service uh you can really see that because obviously you can also understand cache app itself there are like more than two million reviews and there are so many users and if you provide like individual customer support to everyone it will be really really tough but so a lot of people saying that there is just low quality automatic replies for customer service for the cash app and then people are right here i just i just kept getting automatic replies and getting told to get some proof of purchase or something or some other issue related first of all it's actually pretty hard to get to the actual uh support message in the cash app if you go to their help section it's quite hard to get a button like submit the support request and after you do that very often you will just receive some general support messages and yeah something around that it's also quite hard to get like a cash app support phone number i mean you can understand this app is used by tens of millions of users and they just don't have the capacity the the company which owns cash app is called blocks now it was called square so cash app is kind of just one of the divisions in this and this company so they just don't don't have all the capacity to yeah to support all the customer support requests so yeah but if you know like the better way how to reach out and get really high quality support for the cash app and get like individual approach just leave it in the comments below so it can help millions of people

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