Cash App - can’t use without debit card?

so cash app i'm just going here through some of the reviews in the app store so is it possible to to have the and use cash app uh without debit card so some people complain that somehow there is only one option for linking a bank account and [Music] and this option is through using a debit card some people don't have debit card and don't ever want to set it up so this so then cash app doesn't allow them to link your bank account uh so there you have it and then therefore they don't want to yeah to send money into like debit card which which for suppose that just can't register and uh yeah or then just the that transfer won't be accessible or something like do you have the similar issue if you don't have a debit card and then you can't use the cash app like can you just comment under this video it's quite weird maybe for me because you know when you create a bank account usually bank will always automatically send sends you like a debit card so you can receive a debit card as well at least for your main account or something like that but maybe some people are opting out from that and don't have that card so therefore they can't use cash app do you have like a similar use case can you elaborate on that in the comments below the video it's quite interesting to know your view

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