hey everyone so a lot of users around the world are now reporting issues with cash app uh specifically there is a cash app pending payment issue and i'm just recording it like on friday and it was the issue on thursday just when this video is published on this date uh so you can't send and receive money on cash app um this is what the current update has on friday night or like friday morning in europe uh you can see that there are issues with standing and receiving money investigating we are aware of some customer experience connection issues and are currently investigating if your transaction is pending please do not re-attempt at this time we'll be back with an update soon thank you for your patience and then there is an update we'll continue to investigate the issue causing pending payments and we'll share additional updates here as we learn more as a reminder and if your transaction is spending please do not re-attempt at this time thank you for your continued passions and understanding while we work to resolve this so here you can see the the incidents like on may 26 unresolved incident connection issues um so in app alert cash out you can't do that and you can't send and receive money so that's basically the connection issue right now and this is the latest status of course you can try to reach out to cash up support but it's pretty hard and not sure it will help you out uh because here probably there are like millions of users trying to do that so the the best thing to do is just go to to this cash app status page and just check it out you can also follow cash up on twitter that also can be helpful because that's the the place where they post all the recent updates so you can just search for cash app twitter and then just you can see that a lot of people are also searching like cash appending and all of that so yeah you can we can also check out some tweets from here um so there aren't like some recent tweets uh maybe you can also go to cash up support on twitter or something like that so that's at least what you can try to do but again you're reaching out to uh to catch up support won't probably change a lot so here is uh where you can reach out cash up support uh and then there is we are currently investigating reports and pending payments and transfers please do not re-attempt any transaction at this time for updates with the status cash app so there you have it and you can see a lot of replies and all of that

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