i'm just going here through the review of the cash app and uh there are like so many reviews over than two million overall it seems of course this app is mega popular like you have two million plus ratings four point seven out of five average writing which is like super high for this number of ratings just i'm just trying to identify what's not working for customers and one of the biggest requests here is that like customer service is like non-working uh so here you can see like what was refund process and customer service this person was uh one wanted to get like a refund nine hundred dollars she he reached out to to the customer support they just gave some like where's general reply that it should come back into five business days it never came back then she reached out to customer support of her bank or his bank and then that helped um and there are a lot of just reviews like horrible customer service uh everything seems fine until you have an issue with your funds and find out there is no live person to talk to but they send you a generic email about the issue but it no way attempt to solve it uh so that's a very general like thing which might happen with cash app of course you can understand that i have like you know tens of millions of users and they just can't physically provide like high quality support to everyone so probably there are just some like ai bots like some script which is sending this genre gener generalistic customer support emails to you so that's the biggest one of the biggest disadvantages of the cash app that if you have like some big amount of money you want to withdraw it you want to send it or something like that you will need to probably try for weeks to talk to real person uh and otherwise you will just get these generalistic uh replies uh so there are like a lot of stories when people put in like you know reaching out to their bank support and it's more helpful than cash app support and the bank support is actually telling people how to use cash app so if you have that issue you are not alone this just happens quite often so those are like you can read here stories people reaching out um so yep um and then people write that non-existent customer service uh the app is good but it doesn't make up for the lack of customer service uh you know like you this is like financial apps or there can be like some phishing uh or like scammers and all of that so it's like really important to have a good customer support people trying to do that some person contacted support they told me they'd open an investigation and ask for more info i gave them everything they needed and was told if i had any questions feel free to reach out i continued to add questions because i was concerned with the security of my accounts i never heard any response from them from there out uh so yeah that's basically it and even if you go into the cache app itself it's actually super hard to find the actual support form you will be always redirected to the like just general faq sections uh so i'm just creating this app just in case you have uh sorry i'm creating this video just in case you have issues with our customer supports or you are not alone it's just how the app is designed on one hand you can understand that they have like tens of millions of customers um and they can't provide individual response to everyone on the other hand you know it's your money and some people can be super frustrated there is no like any response and then you can just keep emailing them for like two three weeks months and nothing is happening so just do your best try to find that uh support form in their cash app section try to fill it out once two times three times as much as i need maybe leave some comments about your issue under this video maybe some other more experienced people can help you out so yeah there you have it uh i hope that can be helpful i don't know if they can have cash app support phone number i don't think it exists so it's only like some email submit form a mile support request um so you can always go to sq s q u dot re slash cash help to try to investigate that and yup so hope that is helpful at least in a small way and thank you for watching

Bank Apps Not Working- Troubleshoot...
Bank Apps Not Working- Troubleshoot Issues
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