Cash App - how to use if you are 13+ and under 18 years old?

Hey there, so how to use a cash app if you're just 13 plus and under 18. So if you're a teenager, so yep, now you can start using the cash app, but this is how it works. So just go to your account in top right and then go to family accounts. Uh, and then, uh, yeah, here you just have your family account. Um, and, uh, you can register as a teen or, uh, if you're a parent, you're just a parent, so in this case, like I'm registering as a teen and then, uh, in, if you're an like just 13 plus, so you just tap I'm a teen button here in the bottom left, I think, and then, um, uh, you just enter your full legal name, your date of birth, and then you need to request an approval from one of the parents or guardians who is 18 plus years old, and then they need to approve you. Uh, and then basically, yeah, so I just sent an approval. I sent this request for approval. I can resend it and then we'll let you know when your request has been approved. And what happens, so yeah, basically then you can just send money in the cash app. You use your debit card. You can also invest, uh, uh, yeah, and do like almost everything you can do like as a adult here, but of course just the parents will have a complete transparency of all your actions and all the activity in the cash app. So that's how it works. So you're just accessing, uh, the request, the approval from, um, from your parents or from your guardians or whatever. And then, uh, yeah, if they approved you, then you can start to use the cash app. Uh, and then, uh, yeah, you will just be able to do that. But of course the, the other person will have a view, a complete transparency of all your activity. Hope that is helpful. And thanks for watching.

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