Cash app - is there a worst refund process?

so i'm just going here through the reviews of the cash app some people like there are like two million plus reviews a lot of people like this app for simplicity of using it like one of the best apps you just instantly send money to your friends but there are so many also like you know customers who are unhappy some people say it's like worst refund process and customer service so in this story it says worst customer service i've ever experienced from any company i paid 900 to a friend and since they don't use cash cash app they immediately return the payment i wanted to make sure this return went directly back into the bank account from which it was taken so this person just asked cash up support and told me it would refund it to the to the you know bank account from which it came from in the two five business days after one big demand money didn't come [Music] um then again after another message cash app support told it should be turned into five business days uh so then again they called me back um so then this person went to the cash app pressed cash out find your bank and then place it back into your bank account uh so uh so and then thank god for customers are at my bank because i would have never been able to get my money back from the cash app so yeah something like that so basically to get refund you need to do uh go to cash out in the cashier find your bank and then place it back in into your account so so there you have it um so something like that maybe cash app is interested you know to keep your funds in into their app of course and not to transferring it out to your bank or something like that so that can be the reason or i don't know like what experiences do you have it's often like quite hard to reach out to cash up support and if you do you will just get some very general response because of course i have like tens of millions of users so it's super hard to support to everyone but still it either should be like some suggestions in the app some useful faq section some support section inside the app to make it much easier for the customers so there are a lot of hiccups so if you're using that just please tell us in the comments below did you have some issues how did you solve them so your suggestions may help thousands of people thank you for watching

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