CASH APP - PENDING PAYMENT ERROR 26-27 May - what you can do?

so in case you are wondering why your payments are pending in cash up so as of 26 and 27th of may i think there is like an outage in in cash app and a lot of users get a pending payment status while they want to transfer their funds on cash app and you can just follow cash up support and see that please do not re-attempt any transactions at this time for updates please visit status dot cash app so there you have it um so the first thing is just do not re-attempt any transactions at this time that's what it is when we just can go to status dot cash dot app then you can see that the issue spent in payments is still not resolved so yeah you can see that number of issues uh may 26 unresolved incident connection issues so it's still there um like there are issues with sending and receiving money and issues with cashing out it says we are aware of some customers experience connection issues and are currently investigating if your transaction is spending please do not re-attempt at this time we'll back us an update soon then there is an update we are continue to investigate the issue called independent payments and we'll share additional updates here as we learn more as a reminder and if your transaction is pending please do not re-attempt at this time thank you for continued passion so probably because yeah that's what it is so probably you shouldn't like you know reach out too much to catch up support they're already overwhelmed and this is what it is like you probably there is some like technical bug or something in their website so the best thing to do is just like you know wait patiently when it will be resolved like don't try to stand right now big amounts on cash up or to deposit big commands to cash up at this moment maybe just use some other app because maybe it can take like few hours to resolve it but already the issue was from yesterday and it's not resolved in like you know in 15 hours so maybe it will take another day or so so that's what it is at this moment uh you can always reach out to cashupsupport on twitter um you can um yeah so that's what you can do you can try to reach out to cash up support from their app but again i think the number of support requests is like super high right now so um um you probably won't get a decent response maybe you'll just get some like automated response and that's that uh so there you have it um so yeah here is the account which you can reach out to so thank you for watching

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