Cash App - Pending Payments and Transfers error - what you can do?

hey in case you want to send a payment and cash up these days like literally there is some issue with cash app and you can see their twitter that we are currently investigating reports of pending payments and transfers please do not re-attempt any transactions and this time and then you can just visit status dot cash app um so like it's a lot of users are super confused there are so many cases so it's like my boyfriend sent me money before i seen this will it go back on his account i will distribute on my spending transaction so and uh then there is like connection issue uh and cash app wants to reassure people that cash up does not steal from its customer once this issue is fixed funds will be returned it is still says it's pending and i'm receiving money this is very inconvenient it said it's spam sent by the spending what is going to be fixed being a whole two hours please do not retry your payment at this time you can visit uh help cash app uh we are working on a fixed slot like a lot of people are kind of frustrated you can just what you can do is just update dot cash dot app and it's still as you can see an update that we are continuing to investigate the cost the issue causing pending payments and we share additional updates here as we learn more uh do not try attempt at this time so um so yeah so like yeah some people are like some payments worked for some hours then it stopped working again uh you have been experienced connection that have resulted in pending payments we are working to push all payments through but there is no need to retry it this time it will be said automatically um our team is currently working through so it was like nine hour ago and on their status website it still says the issue is unresolved so for you first just don't try to don't retry the payments second you still need to write either a few hours or a few maybe even a day or something like that so don't don't at this moment don't use cash up or don't try to sound like big amounts of like some important transaction via cash up because maybe this issue can take a week or something for some i i don't have no idea so just to be completely sure just use some other app if you want to transfer money like transfer wise like i don't know like uh western union or something uh just for this case um and yeah you can see that there is just like a standard response we are sorry for the trouble we don't have an update to share here like it's it's great that actually cache up support replies to every tweet so maybe you can you can comment in this threat with very specific issue uh to try to investigate that but yeah as you can see here it's just still sas connection issues on status dot cash dot app website so it's not fixed yet so you are not alone in this if you have any ideas or maybe one is fixed please comment below this video please like this video so more people can see it and just understand the issue i hope at least that was helpful

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