hello everyone so here is an example of reminder email from cash up in case you are not sure if if there is a legitimate email or yeah how that works uh yeah so here is cash uh and then yeah uh first of all it comes from this email address cash at so it doesn't come from like cash or like you know or something like that so it comes from because cash app is in the company which is called square and then this company right now was renamed to blocks by ceo jack dorsey and then if you have some reminders this is how it will look like reminder someone sent you this amount on this date this is the like and then you will see the profile of that user you can see the username of the amount and then the issue waiting for you to verify your account and then just tap verify account then you will say again in the bottom amount fee identifier and then you will see one when your payment expires so something like that that's just an overview as an example how i think a legitimate email from cash up looks like and if you got a lot of this cash up reminder tax remander in miles remember that there are so many scams with cash up a lot of people are just yeah it's a dangerous field some people can send you this email so to request like money to you need to pay some fees and all of that some people can easily spend like thousand two thousand dollars on this scam so just be careful hope that is helpful

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