Cash App This Payment will Deposit Shortly Error - what you can do?

so a lot of users these days on 26 27 may receive this message that this payment will deposit shortly on cash up and basically if you try to send money or receive money you can't do that you will see either like pending pending payment message or that like this this parliament will deposit shortly and it's not deposited and you can wait like for like you know 20 minutes and it's still not there so always just go to and you can see that on 26th of may there is still unresolved incident there is connection issues and based on that incident you still can't send or receive money via cash app so not all of the users but some category of the users can do that and it says we are aware of some customers experiencing connection issues and are currently investigating if your transaction is pending please do not your attempt at this time we are continue to investigate the issue causing pending payments and we'll share additional updates here as we learn more as a reminder if your transaction is spending please do not you attempt at this time thank you for continued patience and understanding while we work to resolve this so that's the situation right now that's why you see this message so just do not panic you can always just go and double check this page and just like do not try attempt like you know three times to send the same payment because then it will cause you more more headache you will probably need to refund some payments i don't know how that works just and also try not to spend bigger amounts right now in cash app maybe just don't use cash up for this few hours or maybe a few days until you completely see that the issue is resolved here and everything is green so that's what can be advised

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