Cash App - “This Transfer Failed” - what to do?

so hello everyone i'm just going here through some of the app reviews of the cash app it has more than two million reviews there are all kind of suggestions here there are so many users of this app so i'm just trying to help you out maybe you have some similar issues so this person writes that cash app constantly keeps saying this transfer failed so this person was trying to do like a simple money transfer that would have done in one day or maybe like you know a few seconds a few minutes but it's just taking almost a week it says like every time this person tries to do a transfer on the cash app it says this transfer failed um and therefore this person just gives like one star review and wouldn't recommend catch up to everyone um every time a client of mine tried to add cash it kept telling her it transfer file she has been trying to transfer money and then also that transfer file so i don't know what can be the exact issue here i'm not actually an expert but i think my business is quite a common bug which can happen and it's actually quite hard to reach out to catch up support you almost commonly get some like generalized reply so if you experience this issue can you please please just write in the comments below like what were your steps have you fixed that or what like why it happened to you like maybe people just watch this video and read your comment and it will be super helpful for them

Bank Apps Not Working- Troubleshoot...
Bank Apps Not Working- Troubleshoot Issues
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