Castbox app - podcast player - app preview

so to install cast blocks app just tap cat in the in the app store and then you will be able to install this app uh you can just use touch id or face id to install it there is size 177 megabytes you can see there is like 90 90 000 ratings this is the best podcast app and podcast player to find save download and listen to your favorite podcaster from audiobooks access over 95 million audio content including broadcast audiobooks so it's one you know there are like so many podcast apps but this is one of the most trending ones you can discover all the podcasts um a lot of recommendations and then it this app is also like outstanding because it has this live cast feature where you can use it as live audio streaming service and basically you can record podcasts as i understand and then just create your own shows there is like a vibrant podcast community and all of that which makes this app really cool so if you like podcasting if you like listening to podcast definitely take a look at this app

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