Catch ~ 10s to reply app - what is it? Quick tutorial

Are you looking for a new social media app to try out? Maybe something that stands out from the rest? Look no further than Catch 10 Seconds to Reply. In this quick tutorial, we will go over the basics of what this app is and how to use it.

Catch 10 Seconds to Reply is a social media app that allows you and your friends to exchange photos with a unique twist. When you send a photo to a friend, they have just 10 seconds to respond with their own photo. It's a fun and quick way to stay connected, and a bit different than the other social media apps out there.

Currently, Catch 10 Seconds to Reply is only available on iPhone, but it's climbing up the charts and gaining popularity. To get started with the app, you first need to create an account using your phone number. Then, you can add friends from your contacts or search by username. You can also invite friends from Snapchat to join the app.

Once you've added some friends, open the app and select the friend you want to catch. You'll see when they were last online, so you can have a good idea of when they'll receive your photo. When you send your photo, your friend will receive a notification and have just 10 seconds to respond. If they don't respond in time, it's a missed catch.

In the app, you can keep track of your catches and replies. You'll see how many photos you've caught from each friend, as well as your highest score with each friend. If you want to delete your account or adjust your settings, you can do so in the app settings.

Overall, Catch 10 Seconds to Reply is a fun and simple way to stay connected with your friends. Give it a try and see how many catches you can get!

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