CERE Network can you buy on Coinbase? How to get CERE crypto?

everyone so here is uh cere network siri network um it's like it's a quite popular token um i think they raised uh some funding by republic um so decentralized data cloud the universe enterprise enterprise data standard for transition to decentralized industry for zero future uh so pioneering sas d5 so uh via series sas d5 smart contracts all the fees b to b b to bc contracts and invoices from the sierra marketplace can be easily mapped with a defier album uh effectively bridging enterprise operation with decentralized finance nft marketplace enterprise inter operability so a lot of [Music] interesting interesting features so here you can see the leadership um [Music] and this is an interesting token uh see open positions you can see vision paper and that's about it so that's that so can you buy c serial network on uh on coinbase so let's just check it out but usually coinbase is mostly for like stable coins um [Music] so if i want to try it and i'll just search for siri um okay so it is on coinbase at least but it's not tradable so you can see actually it skyrocketed at some point but then it runs down 51 million volume but let's just check out on coin geeko like where you can buy it so usually this kind of tokens will be available on uni swap okay so no okay so you can buy it on cue coin you can buy it and get io so that's that so these are the places where you can buy it if you have any other thoughts or reviews are you bullish are you bearish on it just leave it in the comments below like interesting if you're interested to know your

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