Cerebral Mental Health app overview Simon Biles app How to create an account?

hello so here is cerebral mental health app and recently it's spiking in the online ratings um so this app offers help for anxiety depression insomnia and all of that it helps you this video and fun appointments with prescribed mental health provider ongoing sessions and this is how it works just you need to tell about your symptoms so let the select the plan that suits your needs chat with your have regular check-ins so it's just more organized like a digital way so to install it just tap get and then you will be able to install this app it's only 20 around 27 megabytes so then you can just open the app and then you can create an account so you can log in from here or you can create an account so let's see how it works so to get started all you need is just your email if there is no way to sign off with google or apple then you just need to sign up is one of these numbers so you ask great britain france germany italy chior wait or no it's such a it's a switzerland and netherlands um and then yeah so just for the sake of experiment i will show you how it works i have this app where i can just have some test us phone number then you just need to choose password confirm password [Music] and then you just need to okay so your password must include both upper and lowercase characters okay so then there you have it you just need to enter your legal first name girl last name your zip code date of birth then confirm and then uh there is some preliminary questions it will only take minutes so the question is over the past two weeks um how often have you been bothered by the following problem so then you can just um you see all these preliminary screen indications and then you can see if you have that some insurance plan all of that and then you can just start for seven dollars per week like so you can start this up for around 30 dollars per month and then you can just evaluation evidence-based talk therapy and monthly medication the delivery so yeah you can start all of that and then if you want to start therapy you can apply some promo and then you can just start paying so even if the promo code is 139 dollars um and then so medication therapy 33 dollars per week or 76 dollars per week after um so something like that um so 325 per month subscription includes 296 dollars for consultation fees and 29 for membership services so that's the idea uh that's how you create an account please use the app here is some preview uh here are some like you can see your assessment results you can see messages appointments you can schedule appointments you can see your prescriptions and this is what this app offers so overall their use of 4.7 out of five there are nearly 9k ratings so yeah that's the app so recently got in the news and it's uh it's quite hyped a lot of people searching on it try to test it out as you can see it's in the top charts in medical apps so there you have it hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                  

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