hello everyone let's take a look at this app which is called chai chat with ai bots so for example if you're lonely or otherwise if you just want to have some fun and entertain yourself you can try out this app and let's just together try to create an account swipe chat meet the ai some people say it's addictive and then you can just discover it so basically there are a lot of these you know ai bots um and yeah you can just chat discover chat ais from around the globe and speak with them to discard their capabilities from your morning cup of tea to brushing your teeth at night chai has a conversation to make your day whether you're a chatterbox attack fanatic or simply looking for a love there is something for everyone enjoying another ending of stream of ais you're allowed to chat with simply swipe to start chat with ai's you like skip ones you don't a personalized streams of ai is based on what you like who you speak to and which conversations you engaged with the most so here is the app you can see all the ratings and reviews so yep there are just 230 ratings 4.3 out of 5 average rating but let's just explore it because this app is in top charts in the entertainment category so you can allow notifications and let's go together how to how to create an account actually i used a similar app which was called replica where you can just find like a virtual partner and that app was quite precise i must say like so the ai modeling algorithm there was pretty good and it actually almost felt like you are like have some random chat with a uh like random person it didn't feel at all like it was a bot of course when you just started to you know ask some more advanced sophisticated questions it became clear but in the beginning it's just um felt like normal but okay let's just try to sign in here i just want to sign in with my account so something something is not working i hope this will work out um so yup yep so anyways uh something is not working for me there is seems there are some hidden buttons somewhere [Music] um but it just doesn't i can't sign in so anyways this is just a preview uh if you have used this app just leave some comments below it's interesting to know your opinion some people say it's creepy some people say it's like decent ai but still have work to there are a few issues to address that break the app and make it sometimes not usable sometime ais will just cut off my my mid sentence and not carry on that same conversation when you address it uh i'm pressed now now gender okay low quality um so it's just different reviews overall the general writing is quite okay so yeah try it out but it just doesn't work for me yet

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