so i'm just exploring chai app it's uh ai chatting app and now i see in the reviews a lot of people mentioned that this app is it's an amazing idea but it's quite buggy uh some people right i have a bug where it doesn't load it's just ice on the loading screen and wait like seven minutes and nothing for me i was i couldn't uh create an account i couldn't sign in i just tried to do that and there were no buttons i also just created a video about it uh and there are glitches ai says the same scene over and over not saying anything else or just not responding our other than that it's all right it doesn't load uh some people say maybe it's the issue with wi-fi or 3g loading screen issues also the app seems great and when there is one slide the app refused to launch one hour opening and even though i try to install dap it still doesn't budge this is a problem with apple phone so it's no problem with the phone it seems a lot of people are reporting it so if i try to contact support it just redirects me to the app and then here i have some user apps broke sorry too many people using the app broke it so probably that's how you reach out to support and then it's just sending the same content so actually i don't know like how to how to reach out to their support because everything is just ai bots and i don't know how to so yeah if you know like any suggestions how to fix this box or just just you know wait until they fix it maybe that's the best solution um yeah

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