CHAI APP DOESN’T WORK - can’t open the app

so when i try to open up chai chat with ai bots app uh it's just for some reason doesn't really work for me [Music] so i just can't create an account and it just keeps you know just keeps loading and then i don't really see the buttons to create an account or to login or anything like that i am just able to change the language in the top part then i just when i type here i just see like sign in [Music] then nothing happens and i don't see any errors nothing so this app seems like a bit buggy so that's basically it um do you have the same issues i'm on iphone 7 maybe it's just an older phone or something like that but other apps work just fine i have ios 15. everything seems to work fine so i just restarted the app i don't know maybe i need to reload my phone or something wi-fi seems to work nice

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