hello everyone so uh i'm just exploring chai app and it's interesting app to try out the one scene is like what people are playing here okay i really like this app but it's so glitchy and the bots ai always assume my gender and i really don't like it so just want to use the app but i can't because it's always glitching and bugging which bothers me and when i say something to the bot they start glitching repeatedly the same the same text over and over so yeah this app is interesting idea but i think there it just needs to be more work done here and and yeah there are some other replies that it's a right and funny experience but the glitches are quite annoying uh ai's are signed the same scene over and over and not saying anything else or i'm not responding ever but other than that i like it's like yeah it's all right i guess and then like update i can't even use the app the stack is on the loading screen yeah that was an issue a few days ago for me as well uh because i think they had like a search in users everyone tried to sign up the app wasn't prepared for that so it just showed a load in screen and you couldn't even log in now after the app update this issue is fixed uh but there you have it uh yeah so the one thing is that ai can be a bit better here oh yeah i'm not selling uh telling anything but uh overall the idea is really amazing uh if the app the ai can be just fixed so it's just not sending the same scene all over again that would be great and yep so that's that's about it so thank you for watching

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