Chai app - how many messages are you getting per day?

so here is chai app which recently is going wireless in the top charts where you can chat with ai bots uh and also you can recently create your own bot and customize it uh having fun so that's basically how it looks like all these accounts are ai bots this are not real people but as you know ai technology is working really well and uh yeah you can get some really interesting conversations but like how the messaging works here how many messages are you getting because obviously how this app is being monetized is that you start chatting you kind of have having fun but then you can't message anymore because there is a limit of messages so uh how it works that uh you got 73 messages per three hours so there is this time limit which is being reset every three hours and then you get 70 messages if you didn't use your 70 messages they don't accumulate so if you didn't use them like 70 messages these three hours in the next hour three hours you won't have 140 and so on so you just have 70 messages per three hours that's it and yeah that's how it works um [Music] and yeah so they are often quite often updated in this setting like just some in recent time ago they had like only 100 messages per day now they have 70 messages per three hours so in theory you're getting like 560 messages per 24 hours because it's been reset every two hours um so yeah you can use it but of course you can say well that's a lot but if you start chatting and then you need to wait three hours and then again wait in three hours that's a bit annoying so uh yeah then eventually you will need to upgrade and this is how you upgrade that 13.99 so yep hope this is helpful and hope it clarified it uh another alternative app if you don't like this pricing can be jam souls app so search for gem souls and i don't know any other similar apps but there you have

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