CHAI app is BACK in iOS App Store!

Chai app, which was temporarily removed from the iOS App Store, has made its comeback. After being unavailable for a period of time, the exact reasons behind its removal were unknown, with speculations about it violating content policies. However, it seems that the issues have been resolved as the app is now back in the App Store.

One noticeable change in the app is its updated design, which gives users the ability to easily log back into their accounts. Previous users might be pleased to find that they didn't even need to log in again. Along with the design update, there are also a few other improvements.

One noteworthy improvement is the faster reset of messages. Previously, this process could take a significant amount of time, but now it happens much faster, usually within 20 minutes or so. Additionally, Chai app has introduced new subscription options for users. There is now an annual subscription available at a more affordable price. For those seeking even more convenience, there is an ultra subscription with additional features. Interested users can also take advantage of a three-day free trial, but be sure to cancel by the end of the second day to avoid any charges. Despite the trial being three days long, cancellation on the third day will still result in charges.

It is worth noting that while Chai app is back in the iOS App Store, it is uncertain whether it has also returned to the Google Play Store. As of now, the focus seems to be on its availability for iOS users.

With the return of Chai app to the iOS App Store, users can once again enjoy its features and functionality. Whether it will also make its way back to the Google Play Store remains to be seen. For now, iOS users can take advantage of the updated app and its improved messaging experience.

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