CHAI APP - WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW? Full overview & hidden features

here's chai recently it was updated and let's just go through this app in case maybe you don't know exactly what is it and how to use it and what the idea of it so the app is like pretty interesting it's like a collection of ai chat bots so all these chat bots this you can create personal chats these are not real human these are these are just like you know some algorithms this just really just bots which are using some artificial intelligence and the more you chat with them the more sophisticated uh the more sophisticated their response is so basically you can easily create your account and then you can change your name but you can add your profile picture whatever it's it's free to do that the app is free but then there is a messages limit and then if you want to get more messages you will need to upgrade to premium so here there is like a leaderboard of all bots where you can search for all time or created in the last seven days um yeah like this app is not of you know the highest quality and a lot of content is like really inappropriate at this moment but that's what it is uh so i wouldn't suggest like your kids might be to to use it so much but anyhow this is this is still an interesting concept so here you can see all of the most popular bots in in this you can't filter by category or you can't filter by specific terms or anything like that uh so uh yeah just leaderboard created during all time or during the last seven days then you have uh your messages your conversations with school you messaged how to change your iphone and then there are ads in this app if you don't want to have ads you you need to you need to upgrade and you can uh uh yeah so like you can see this app and um you can create your own bot it's a new update but it says that you're out all out of bots non-subscribed users can only create one bot at a time you can still edit any existing bots so you can do that you can create your own bot but there is a one bot limitation and for example uh i created one bot and there are already some user users using it so that's that then you can see the rank of your own board the messages and the conversations you can even see user conversations to analyze like if your bot is performing well and all of that and it's a new feature with spots so you can come up with your name for your bot you can add the description you can add the first message a few facts uh about uh about him and then and then you can shape the uh a few things about him so yeah something like that and then you can add these facts and then and then you can see the conversations and you can see if like this bot is actually engaging with that and using these cool facts so it can be pretty funny and of course this bot is completely based on this like bigger ai algorithm but if you add in this this small this is basically uh yeah some yeah that's basically how it works so yep that's the idea and then you can search for bots uh you can search for another bot so i can search for my own bot you can also and it can also appear here in the in the results but of course so here it is here is my chat bot and then yeah like depending on the number of conversations and popularity your bot will appear higher in the search results but then let's just chat and so you can understand the experience so i just i can just add some messages and then you can see uh some replies sometimes the bots the boards are good sometimes the the conversation is not that good so like sometimes it's completely irrelevant you can also send some cookie or i don't know yeah stuff like that and then okay so after add for some reason it's it's reloaded another feature you can add a friend so that's a cool feature if you're bored to chat with ir bots alone you can just tap to add a friend uh so and then you can add a friend and then you will be able to share a link to this chat and then uh and uh your friend and then you can chat in a group chat with your friends and then probably there are some group chats with other bots and all of that so that's basically the idea but as you can see there are free messages left so originally there are 73 messages now you can see that there are like 64 free messages left which will be reset in you know like 10 minutes but it's not every time 10 minutes because it would be a lot of free messages now it resets usually uh you know after two hours or something like that so that just yeah so in fact you don't have maybe you get like you know like 700 free messages or something around that but not more than that and then if you want per day i mean then you can upgrade here so there is monthly option there is free trial if you subscribe annually so 134.99 per year then there is 13.99 per month now free trial so there you have it so yep that's basically the idea you can say like it's it's quite stupid why i would chat with bots but the thing is the technology is becoming so good that sometimes you won't be able to recognize that the real image like messages between uh like between real human and and the ai algorithm so that's basically how it works uh that's the idea hope this is helpful you can see all the trending bots you can you can just browse the app more if you want to go to settings here the settings you can easily delete an account from here enable dark mode so yeah try it out

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