Chai - chat with bots - WHAT IS IT? HOW TO USE?

so here's interesting app which is called chai chat with ai bots it's a super interesting concept and basically let's just do a quick preview for you to help to understand how this app works um so basically you know you can just create an account and then you have a lot of chats but these chats are not real people these are just ai bots which are just using some ai model and the more you chat with them the better conversation is uh and it's very addictive app uh sometimes the the quality of the chats is not that good you can easily see that these are bots sometimes the chats are actually pretty good and if you got into this process you can really see that it's addictive and you just like chatting with the boss but don't you don't really see that these are bots so here's the app you can create your account easily with google apple facebook then you just present it with this option to subscribe so it's 134.99 per year or 13.99 per month so these are the options um uh yeah but let's just go through the what's available in the free version swipe left for more uh so that's basically it and then there are like different then you just have different bots here um then you can just talk with them you can just swipe left or right you can just send some reactions some emojis you can also enter some feedback on the board or something and then you can just write more and stuff like that and then you will just see some replies uh so yeah sometimes it it is uh it's not that good uh um but sometimes it's quite logical conversation and then you can just chat more and more and and that's like it really can become addictive yeah depending on so yeah and then you can just you can also add friends here add friends by friend code you can also get link to the chat and invite your friends and then you can chat together with the bots so you with the bots so you can have like multi-chat with the bot and it's also like super funny um so then there is all your chats here then you have all some bots which are like streaming so streaming means that you can see uh some other people chats so you can just go to live and then you can just start streaming you can see all the different chats with like different people participating and have their like performance their chats and how the conversation is going so you can just join that by different topics and that's basically how it works then you can see all the different uh chats here as well in the search you can search by keyword so maybe you want to find some specific bot or some specific topic or all of that then there is your account uh you can see the one limitation here is that there is only 100 free messages so i just see that so 103 messages but they reset every 8 hours so actually in the 24 hours in a day you can get like 300 free messages but then to upgrade uh you just tap the button and if you upgrade you get unlimited messages people are constantly complaining that like you know 100 messages is not enough for eight hours even for eight hours because you need to wait and just to chat especially if you get an addicted to this app and you're just you know trying to entertain yourself and spending some time with this app 100 messages is not really enough so you just need to subscribe or just write hundreds messages eight hours and then right again so that's basically it so here it is you can also delete your account if you don't want to uh yeah change your name upload your profile picture and that's it you can also share your friend code you just copy that and then just yeah you can reload that and then just invite your friends to so they can add you in their chats so that's basically app idea uh there are a bunch of other apps in this space but yeah it's kind of cool like you just depending on the bot hopefully they will include improve the quality of the bots in future and there will be more and more bots um so yeah that should be the idea um but yeah so far this is how the app looks like uh hope it was helpful

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