here is burial if i want to post it let's just explore i want to post my burial now and then yeah i'm just kind of just offer trying yeah just like normal be real it's called authentic instagram and then i can just post it here like it is and then to change the privacy you can change either my friends only it means share it only with your friends or you can do discovery share it with everyone on be real it means like that your bureau will be public so this is the way to select your audience there is no way to post private bureau which will only be visible to you so there are only two options if you select discovery you will be able to lea to change privacy later only for one recent burial so you will be able to change it later if you change my friends only you won't be able to change it and that's the the minimum level of privacy you have so here i have privacy and then also i can change location so i can disable location or i can enable location in burial app here so that's basically what it is so let's just do that i can do send and i just post in my burial so now uh tap on the for where it says for hour just below add a caption tap option and then it says remove from discovery so this is the way to change privacy after you posted your bureau it's only available for the one lightest picture it won't be available for your previous pictures so that's what i figured out i don't know all the details but that's what it is you can always reach out to their support so now if i tap remove from discovery it will become visible only to my friends i can also delete my bureau but why it's grayed out and not available it's because before doing this video i already deleted my burial today so you can only delete one burial per day and that's it after you deleted your burial you won't be able to do it for a day that's what i understood hope this was helpful

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