app & community “Your estimated waiting time is 7 minutes ”

The app and community have recently introduced a new feature that provides users with an estimated waiting time of 7 minutes. This innovative addition aims to enhance the user experience and streamline communication within the app.

To access the app, you can do so normally, and it works without any issues. If you wish to engage with the vibrant community, simply navigate to the community tab located at the top-right corner of the app. However, it's important to note that becoming a CAI plus user is a requirement to access the community. Just like in the app, the community operates on a queue system.

For additional support, you can visit and explore their comprehensive support section. This area provides helpful guides and forms for users seeking assistance. If you have a specific request, you can submit it through the support portal.

While waiting for support or exploring the community, it's worth mentioning that there are settings you can customize to optimize your user experience. Additionally, the app has an accompanying blog and a subreddit where users can engage further and find additional resources.

For users who frequently utilize the app, upgrading to CAI plus is highly recommended. By doing so, you can skip waiting rooms and enjoy fast message generation. Furthermore, you gain access to an exclusive community channel where you can receive faster feedback and support. As a CAI plus member, you will also receive a membership badge and have early access to new and exciting features as they are unlocked.

The team behind is continuously working to unlock next-generation capabilities for their app and community. By upgrading to CAI plus, you can stay ahead of the curve and fully enjoy all the benefits this tech-forward platform has to offer.

In summary, the app and community have introduced a valuable feature that provides users with an estimated waiting time. By becoming a CAI plus user, you unlock access to the community and enjoy additional perks such as faster support and early feature access. If you frequently use the app, upgrading to CAI plus is highly recommended to enhance your overall experience with the platform.

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