Character.Ai app - your estimated wait time is 3 minutes - I can’t login

The Character.Ai app is a relatively new app that has been experiencing high traffic during peak hours. Users have reported seeing a message indicating an estimated wait time of three minutes, which can be misleading as the waiting time can actually be much longer. Some users have also reported encountering issues logging in, with the app redirecting them to another service or failing to work altogether.

According to a video transcript shared online, the app's servers are currently overloaded during peak hours, which typically occur in the afternoons in the US. This surge in traffic has led to waiting times that far exceed the three-minute estimate shown on the app.

The app's developers, however, have warned users against restarting their apps or phones to try and resolve login issues. This tactic is unlikely to work as it does not address the underlying server overload problem.

Instead, users are advised to wait or try using the app during non-peak hours when server traffic is likely to be lower. Unfortunately, waiting for a few minutes may not be enough, as the developers may need to make significant changes to the app's infrastructure to address the surge in traffic.

If waiting is not an option, creating a new account may be a solution. However, some users have reported mixed success with this approach.

In summary, the Character.Ai app is currently experiencing server overload issues, resulting in longer waiting times and login problems for some users. To minimize issues, it is recommended that users try to avoid using the app during peak hours, and if they encounter login problems, they should not attempt to restart their phone or app. Instead, the best approach is to be patient and wait for the app developers to address the server issues.

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