is down - any way to contact support and know the status?, a popular app that allows users to create and animate characters, is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Many users are wondering how they can contact support to get updates on the status of the app.

If you're looking to reach out to support, the first option is to go through their app store. There should be a button that directs you to app support. Alternatively, you can visit to submit a support request. Look for the "Submit Request" button at the top right corner of the page.

It's important to note that the app is currently down for maintenance. So, if you're trying to open the app, you might encounter a message indicating that it's temporarily unavailable. This could be due to frequent upgrades on their server side over the past few months. In such cases, the best approach is to seek updates from their official community, appropriately called ""

To stay informed about the latest maintenance modes and updates regarding the app's availability, you can visit the subreddit community. This is the only official community where the team shares important announcements. While there may be duplicate posts and screenshots, it's still a reliable source for the latest information. You can enable notifications for this subreddit community to receive alerts whenever there are any updates about the app's online status.

It's understandable that users who have paid for this app may feel frustrated during this downtime. However, it's worth noting that is still in the high-beta development stage. Despite the current issues, the app has gained significant popularity and has garnered a high position in the charts on various app stores. Perhaps the app's unexpectedly high demand caught the team off guard, leading to the current situation.

To summarize, if you're experiencing issues with the app and want to know the status or contact support, you can try reaching out through the app store or submit a support request on Additionally, staying informed through the official subreddit community can provide timely updates on maintenance and availability.

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