ChatGPT is at CAPACITY - what you can do? How to get notified?

how to get notified when chat GPT is is back um so yeah unfortunately I'm just trying to open jet GPT and recently I see more and more of these messages like few weeks ago you can just could just freely use this app now it's just at full capacity all at the moment all the time they just offer this form so you can just submit this to be notified when the chat GPT is back and systems are at capacity if you want to be notified when you resolve these issues please submit your email in the meantime feel free to keep checking back a chat open AI com and yeah so that's basically that of course you can try to reach out to their support uh but there you have it so that's basically it uh so you can see this that's what it is uh so yeah um I'm not sure what you can do actually so just keep refreshing the app to submit the form and maybe you can also try to use this app outside of like top hours in us like try to use it during night or try to use it during early morning or stuff like that maybe that can help you out other than that probably we'll just all need to wait until they scale their uh scales or server capacities

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