ChatGPT Limitations - what you should know?

here if you open chat GPT app a chat in the browser you see there are some limitations so what does it mean so yeah it clearly just says here that we might occasionally generate uh incorrect information I occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content limited knowledge of world and events after 2021. uh uh so yeah you just need to know this because of AI uh yeah technology that's how it works right now that sometimes it's not 100 correct especially after events after 2021 because it wasn't trained it for 20 some 22 23 events Etc sometimes it can produce like biased content on some sensitive topics because it's just reflecting like you know the knowledge which exists right now which can be biased or harmful so yeah just accept like expect um some answers with it's the grain of salt that you know you can get some hints you can get some ideas but often it's it's not like what is the final truth or something like that yeah so I hope that can be helpful

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