ChatGPT Plus - is there a yearly payment?

hey there if you go to chatgpt and tap on sidebar can you you can see that there is like a monthly payment but is there a yearly payment because twenty dollars per month um yeah that's like 240 dollars per year I would say a lot of apps will just offer okay if you have yearly yearly subscription you can offer you like 20 discount or something like that um or like 30 percent even something like that so but I don't think at the moment there is a yearly plan I was just tapping around now it's only adding p80 if you're in Europe obviously um so there is no yearly subscription as I understand I don't know if it's in the plans so they can add it in future but yeah if you plan to use this tool a lot that would be pretty helpful um so yeah uh if for example you right now you can pay like 200 or all right so this bit is in Europe is even more but let's say in US you can you can pay 240 dollars um yeah without uh and this yearly payment you would pay like 200 or something or 199 whatever that would be saved it would save you a bit or here in Europe uh instead of like 300 you can pay like 230 or something whatever so yeah but I don't think uh that's here yet maybe it's coming in the future so yeah just depends if you want you can of course subscribe now try it out but um you can also maybe just wait when there is a yearly option

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