ChatGPT Pro - how to upgrade on mobile?

so how to upgrade to chat GPT Pro account so uh yeah basically um it's slowly rolling out to all users and you should see something in your left sidebar or when you're just using the app and maybe you can't access it anymore or something like that or there is like it's out of capacity so we'll you will see this pop up and there is a professional plan available 42 dollars per month available even when demand is high meaning you won't never you never will see this capacity messages and you will be able to access judge GPT even if other users can't faster response speed and Priority Access to new features and new model updates so that's what you can get it's pretty expensive so 42 dollars per month it's not cheap um so yeah uh there you have it uh so yeah it's like uh ten dollars per week ish so 10 dollars fifty cents it's kind of comparable with a lot of uh apps you can find in the app store where they charge a lot for the week but yeah in this in charge GPT probably you will need to use it the whole month so that's like pretty expensive order for for the whole year which is almost like 500 dollars uh but yeah if it's I don't know if it saves you a lot of hours it can make sense definitely uh again it's just slowly being being rolled out to everyone I didn't see this this notification yet even if I logged it into my account um I don't see this in my sidebar I can't upgrade yet maybe it's just rolled out to users which extensively use this app in the past if you just submitted few text messages here and there probably you will be lost in the queue but people who use it extensively during last period problems they will be higher in the queue to who like it is possible to see that this Professional upgrade in chat GPT since that can be the logic here and yeah so that's the idea uh hope that can be helpful

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