ChatGPT PRO preview - how to upgrade?

so as you can see uh just recently charged GPT started to offer a pro version and it is 42 dollars per month so it's not cheap um so what's the difference on free plan it's like everyone can access free plan but it's available only when demand is low standard response speed regular model updates so yeah there isn't a lot of users started to see that um GPT is out of capacity screens and all of that especially when you're using it in the busy hours in U.S time so yeah but if you are like for example in Europe and you try to use charge GPT like when there is night in US it still kind of works but then you know like when a lot of users already it's it becomes unusable in every version and then a professional plan avoids that so you can have gel GPT available even when the demand is high you have faster response speed and Priority Access to new features and it's like 42 dollars per month um so yeah I think you can upgrade on desktop it's it was just released so if I just try to use GPT app here on mobile I don't have this option here um I don't have my account here but yeah so uh there is no mobile official mobile app so just so you know so there you have it um so would you pay for it there's a lot of people just asking out this question so yeah uh this is like early pilot um and a lot of people are asking like would you pay 42 dollars per month so it's it's uh almost like 500 dollars per year maybe on yearly plan there is some discount and I don't know if that includes API or anything so how do you upgrade it will show on the left hand side when you're enabled the the turning it slowly in your heart so it's uh not yet available to everyone so this is just like the first users on Twitter sharing their screenshots uh so yeah like but it depends if you if it saves you like at least a few hours per week of work it's definitely worth it like if you work in copywriting or if it's helping you with coding and you're really getting some uh you know like good Snippets or quote or some good copywriting examples definitely worth it but if you're just using like you know once per month maybe it's the price is too high so yeah there you have it uh hope it can be helpful

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