Chatster - AI CHATBOT - app overview

here's Chester AI chatbot app your personal AI system I should bought on your phone yeah in case you are looking for the native app not a browser or for job GPT right to this app uh better than search ask follow-ups study Hub so yeah it's basically like charge GPD but just as an app and it uses open AI API so yeah let's just open it up and see how it works it's quite small in size and then let's just open it up there are a bunch of these apps these days so you just need to choose one of those probably I did also a bunch of reviews about Genie app the respawn app from quora which combines like three different models for chatbots there are these apps there are a bunch of those and of course there is original chat GPT or GPT Plus so here you can just get if you want to upgrade just be careful because honestly chat GPT plus the original app cost 20 dollars per month and yeah if it's more than 20 dollars per month I don't see a lot of sense to upgrade here I would say of course if you really really like to use the app then yeah but uh with charge GPT plus you have the original technology and you have the access to latest models all the time but yeah if you just like the app let's just take a look here uh of course it's just all of the same like church GPT API uh I guess it's and then yeah it just does that so it's just basically all these apps have like this open eye uh API is just a matter of different design different usability different user experience how it feels on your phone and your fingertips and you just select one of those apps uh yeah this feels pretty fast and I like that there are no like pop-ups and so many ads and all of that there are some instructions so yes this is like basic uh chatting app based on chat GPD API so give it a try uh and write some comments reviews what do you think what are your feelings about this app

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