Chaty app - chat & make friends - how to create an account?

here's interesting app called chatty chat and make friends so let's install it and see how how it works I need to say that there are so many apps like this where you just you know uh can find and meet new friends and yeah in the on the apps and have this random chats in a lot of these apps there is yeah to be honest they're quite scammys there is no a lot of high quality but sometimes the actually pretty good so chatting is your fun and lightweight to get in touch with interesting people share your thoughts and in interminateful conversations chat is a convenient and simple messenger that offers direct connections to find and stay in touch with new people around discover new and interesting people nerdy talk to people and control your messenger story be yourself be social and share the things you like uh so does that open up the app here are some standard settings um yeah you can of course I advise you to read them uh and then you can just try to reload it uh okay so yeah Sims it's only available in uh in United States uh so okay so probably not gonna finish this tutorial but there you have it

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