Checkmate app doesn’t work, bugs - what you can do?

so here I'm just going through the review so check my extension on iPhone on iOS and uh yeah so uh you can try to install it it's going viral these days but there are a few reviews that the app doesn't work for me it's just keep sliding actually this extension in on Safari browser um yeah it says also that some users say like I gave five dollars as promotional offer and then this offer disappeared and then it says like we have over 20 000 rewards clamped in a few hours and our system went down back up now apologies for the delay please check again now so yeah you can understand because yes this app I'm just talking about this one it's just really in the top charts right now it's really interesting uh Safari extension which is like went viral probably it's just one over Tick Tock so if it's just loading for you if nothing is happening as does for me probably there's like servers are down um so yeah that's what's happening probably when I'm trying to go for example to some store and then I'm tapping here the extension it's kind of blue it's not grayed out but yeah that is not working or or it was just keep loading or something like that anyhow hope that is helpful

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