CHEDDA token - can you buy on Coinbase?

hello everyone so i'm just doing a quick research here around cheddar token uh like it's under c20 token on interim blockchain like on ambition to see if the moon is ready it's really made of chada so you can subscribe so buying cheetah is just easy as ordinary extra cheesy nattos it has three percent tax on every transaction one percent is burned forever the other two percent is for market and project development all right so create a wallet send ethereum to your wallet connect your wallet to uni swap and then swap ethereum for chatta so that's basically how it works you have discord you have instagram tweets um so that's basically the overview you can also add the chat token to the to the metamask here is the contract address it's like also can you get chad on coinbase seems like i don't think you can do that it's because probably you can get it on coinbase exchange if you again swap ethereum for for chada shut the token so as you can see here it is so yeah you can buy with coinbase wallet and recently it's actually you know performed quite well right so interesting token while all crypto is falling down this seems to perform well so yeah something like that uh hope is this helpful

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