Christian Mingle - dating app - how to create account?

hello so here is this app in networking in top charts in social media it's called christian mingle so basically christian statin app yeah it's in top us charts right now uh it's one of the leading dating sites for christian singers looking for a god-centered relationship uh what sets this app apart from other latent apps is our success in bringing singles together our ability to make meaningful connections has made hundreds of thousands of relationships possible over 15 years not only christian mingle one of the best free and well-known christian dating apps on the market but also provides an easy to use communication tool to help christian singles match and meet uh our user friendly christian minor app is here to help you anywhere anytime so you can just browse profiles or local christian singles find numbers to match your interest send a smile to a crash upload photos quickly and easily view all profile activity read receipts share photos and then you you can see 3.7 out of 5 average writing here so then you can just open it up and then to create an account i i can just use my apple id you can use facebook or email yeah so then you just sign up you enter your birthday you can enter zip code you can just please click contain a bicycle okay and there you have it that's how you create an account you need to upload at least one photo of yourself so then you just applaud that what do you want to be a christian mingle name to be just tap next then you just add your details hate uh martial status like occupation religion so religion is a required field here so yeah here you can see all of these different parts of of the religion because in this app it's a important matching filter um something like that so there you have it then i'm just trying to tap next to see what happens um our level of education as well so then you just add that you can write your summary or i can just skip it i can skip that so you can see all of that you can skip also and there you have it you can get notifications um if you want to upgrade you can upgrade later but basically this is how it works like yep so that's about that

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