hello everyone so probably you heard about apps like tinder bumble all of these classic big apps but also maybe you just know a special category of people which you know will have a high success with so today we're gonna talk and explore christian mingle app which is a dating app for christians um yeah it's uh you can only basically join and create account in this app if you're a christian um so that's why it is interesting so let's just dive into the app overview uh here we explore different interesting apps one of those apps is called christian mingle it's christian dating app so there are a bunch of apps of course like bumble tinder badou or yeah you just generally submit your interest and try to find a match but sometimes it can be complicated and it's just much easier if you know like one of your like i don't know categories or types or for example if you know you want to date a christian okay for some reason doesn't open up so here is the app christian mingle and you can find here all the christians and when you create an account by the way i created a video about that before you just even can sign up which which type of religion inside of christianity you are like catholic baptists or something around that and there are a bunch of those and maybe in your family or you just think yourself that it can be a good match to find a partner in that specific category so this is a good app to start and then yeah this like looks like another dating app so you can just go through the like you can go through the new profiles you can go through the people who are online you can see the people who are on different distance i don't know it just slows pretty slow then you can see a match percentage and see people in spotlight and all of that then you can see lookbook you can find filter in top right you can see discovery preferences you can see the distance and then advanced preferences you can select height level of education so you can select for example charge attendance at the people who are then charged every week then charge on special account occasions how kids want kids will have to relocate then you have messages no messages yet so here you yeah to use this app you can just there are some terms like i promise to never send money ask others for monitoring financial information with anyone i meet and you can report someone who does that and then you can see your matches with the heart like much summary then there is activity like you can see people who viewed you who are due mutual mutual likes my likes then there are three dots where you can again change discovery preferences profile display settings so if you want to appear at spotlight i think you will need to upgrade and that's 299 per day or you can upgrade for 30 days for 14.99 or you can hide online status browse anonymously you can also remove your profile or hide profile from browsing matches log out there is also help section you can contact the support you can create a ticket though that's cool so basically you can just ride ah something doesn't work here okay and then believe for that is believe magazine at christian mingle our passion is helping like-minded christians and girls make meaningful connections ready to get started register today and start meet christian man and christian woman who suits you or if you are looking for christian dating advice to help you along your past to lessen love then i believe magazine is here for you so that's the magazine which you can have um yeah basically so that's the app very simple simple interface like just what you need to have in the app if this is what you're looking for you can definitely check out this app i think it can be popular in some parts of the world in another if there are not many christians obviously you won't be able to use it but here i set a filter for more than 500 miles and there are people from all over europe i'm just curious also what would be the price if i want to upgrade so if i want to subscribe it would be 49.99 per month that's yeah that's actually pretty expensive three months 34.99 per month or 24.99 per month uh then yeah that's for six months you can pay like uh 149 premium features messaging plus messaging messaging read receipts profile display controls browse anonymously so if you want to use that you can try out but that 49.99 per month that's pretty expensive that's that's like i guess more than tinder plus or that's something like tinder platinum or maybe no that's a bit cheaper like tinder gold but yeah if you if you're confident that's the that's your niche maybe it's worth it for the for some period here you can tap edit add your profile picture yeah here's my picture you can add like up to six photos display name height and then change all of these settings your marital status feeling nasty relocate charge agendas college grew up in pads drinking heavy smoking habit search interest discovery preferences in the top you will see which percentage of your profile you already completed so that's that's about that i would say that's that give it a try for sure um thank you for watching everyone uh visit my website mr hector i i often like i push some podcasts and i write some blogs about amazing apps and software and yeah my podcast is on spotify on apple podcast just search for mr hakio subscribe for my newsletter on my website and see you around

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