Circle Communities - mobile app preview

here is the app circle communities it's just a mobile version uh it's an official companion app for circle community if you're a member or creator of circle.saw community our app allows you to keep up with your discussions events and messages on the go join and host live streams to trap a track of upcoming events and never miss a beat on any of your circle communities so yeah that's basically that so circle.saw is one of the most popular community apps on desktop on your browser uh where you you know as a creator you can organize all these communities and especially if you're online creator you can use that but now it's just uh the mobile app because a lot of times it's just easier to manage all of these things just on your mobile not going to your laptop and anything like that but yeah here you will just need to enter your email address which is associated with your circle.saw account and then you will be able to proceed with it um so yep that's just an overview so you know there is a mobile app for the battery experience

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