Citymapper app - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

The Citymapper app is a popular navigation tool for those who live in a city and rely on public transit. In this video transcript, we'll give you a full overview of the app and how to use it.

When you open the app, you will see your current location and at the bottom, you can select which means of transport you want to use. The options available are transport, walk, biking, bus, metro, and astrolines. The options may vary depending on your location.

If you need to get somewhere, you can input your destination and the app will suggest routes for you. You can choose a suggested route that includes bus and metro options, or you can select just bus or just train. You can also choose to walk less, see mixed options, or select simple or turbo options.

The app offers options for when you want to leave and when you want to arrive. It even tells you how many calories you can burn if you choose to walk or bike. The app is much more focused on public transit than other navigation apps like Google Maps.

Citymapper also allows you to favorite your places such as your workplace or office for easy access. Changing cities is easy, too. The app provides major city options in Europe, so it is not recommended for use in the countryside or smaller cities.

You can create an account quickly and easily with your Apple ID or Google account. There is an option to upgrade for $10 a year to remove ads.

The app even integrates well with iOS 16 and 17. You can install home screen widgets for easy use, which is a great feature for frequent users.

Citymapper is available on both iOS and Android devices. It's a convenient app to use for those who rely on public transit and are looking for an alternative to Google or Apple Maps.

Overall, Citymapper is a great app to consider if you need a reliable public transit tool. Its precise schedules and smaller details make it a good option for those who live in major cities.

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