CLEAR APP how to install on iPhone?

okay so here is clear app so how to install it on your iphone so just tap get and then use your touch id of face id and to install it in your device it's 80 megabyte size and this is the touchless clear is touchless uh and it's like uh you can add the house pass here you can add more locations um and for example in airports in some meetups and all of that so you can add your house passes uh digital vaccine card and where you which you can carry and use wherever you choose it's secure voluntary and just takes minutes so let's open it up so with clear app you can verify your identity and just use all these passes in one app then you just need to agree can allow your notifications and then [Music] here you can see your locations whether you want to go in airport on stadium on some event and all of that so here you can just get a card get your vaccination record and then enter the email address and proceed here so then you can just start registering um so something like this um that's your account here uh you can contact support sign in or sign up so yeah that's just a quick overview what you can do here hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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