Clear Wave app - get water out from iPhone!

here is interesting app which is called clearwave uh decibel matter your speaker test so you have here 2.7 k ratings 4.5 average rating the app plays sounds that can help you test your speakers with the help of a sound level meter you can find out how many decibels and hurts the device your checking or produces you can also find that now to the microphone on your phone is clogged so there you have it so you have 2700 ratings uh so yeah it says i'm just reading a review uh how you dropped your phone in a water [Music] so when i heard about this app i was like oh pretty cool on the home page there are icons that make better difference out that you can use to vibrate your phone speakers and supposedly you can extract any water from your phone so that's another interesting use case for this app it really worked it says um so other person also says that i spilled some liquid on the on the phone and i freaked out because i just got this phone and fixing an issue wouldn't be worth that money dropped my phone in the bottle so so yeah it's interesting use case actually uh so basically if you drop your phone in the water you can just uh yep you can vibrate vibrate your phone and so yeah something like that then you can just have db meter hello hello then you have settings and then you can contact support and that's the idea of the app uh if you want to upgrade to clear white premium to have unlimited sound test and elements and that's about meter right and then no ads that's like 249 per week three days trial or 8.99 every six months and so there you have it so yep [Music] and then yep it's just [Music] so let's see what's a hundred percent [Applause] so yep something like that so that's how it works

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