Clime NOAA app overview & how to use

okay so here's climber app uh it's uh called noir weather radar live and yeah this app is constantly in the top charts in weather category on ios and yeah you can this it's basically just a radar live so you can see the movements of different like uh [Music] yeah like clouds and all the typhoons or all the cyclones and all of that so it's much more detailed weather data than you would get like in the standard weather app on ios and it's just much more fun to use so let's just install it so that's how you install it on ios iphone you don't need some advanced new iphone it can also work like on iphone 7 or something so that's how it works the size is 147 and 4 megabytes and then it also has pro features so you can subscribe here you can start a free trial um you can see the details so yeah let's just open the app for start so this is the app again it's one of the like top apps buzzer apps if you a weather junkie or if you just like a better weather data honestly then it's this app will just provide you with that then you just need to accept all of it um then you can allow notifications and do the standard facebook track then you can just disable and there is some discount and then you can see in the bottom that it's just fetching data and the cool part about this app that you can see like real cloud movements in the real time and you can just move it move this bar here like that in the top part so that's the idea basically and thenyeah um if you want to you can just if you want 14 hardly 14 day forecast you will need to upgrade but then uh you can see of the on the rider like which colors mean what so if it's light green it means there will be rain in fight rain if it's like red purple it means it will be heavy rain uh mixed weather snow light or heavy you can also track hurricanes but again that's in the subscription uh so that's the idea uh you can go also to settings you can see change the temperature fan guys calcium change the wind speed change the pressure you can show the data from weather provider device sensor yeah so you can see all these additional settings you can create an account on the web and log in with web account probably you will have them some history saved and all of that so yeah that's the idea so for example in nordics here is how you can see like the different movements and then again you can just enable this in top part and i don't know any other web app which can show this exact like movements and then you can just zoom in to the maximum and see all the clouds where all the clouds are actually going and if you want to get forecast and if you want like to see just the rain coming and all of that you again or are you ahead of storm and all of that you can just see that so that's the idea here hope it is helpful guys uh that's just an overview if you have some additional advice how to use this app just leave it in the comments below thanks for watching

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