- app overview

here is the app called clocked in so let's try to install it and create an account and see how it works so let's just use touch id to install uh join connect work is a network for local jobs view the map to see hiring locations connect with managers directly work where you want climb your store being set up your open interview times connect with candidates directly and that's basically how it works so yeah join connect work one tab to interview instant confirmation connect for cache rewards so let's just open the app uh then you can just allow to send notifications uh yep and here you can see all the interesting job overviews and all of that uh so here you just need to enter your phone number so for the sake of this demo i will use my phone number from the tags now app so there it is so now you just need to get some confirmation code so that's about that one and then you can just register here and then you just enter your email to create an account and then you just tap register uh you can add profile photo so you can just tap to add from library so i can just add something like this from here i can add profile picture and then you just need to enter your skills so this app is like you know it's not for some advanced jobs is like if you need to find some instant jobs that's what you can do and then you can just find work and that's basically it so yeah currently so then you just need to move your pin where you want to find some jobs and somewhere here yeah you can just start looking for for jobs for interviews or find work uh yep but you need to be located where you're of course funding for jobs or currently not in the united states but just something like that and then maybe i can just tap the pin or something here and then i should be seeing job opportunities anyways um and then you can schedule interviews you can just see messages communications with your employer in the inbox so this app is kind of similar to you know insta work app or some other instant jobs apps where you can just find some like easy to do job not requiring so much experience like yep if you have like you know a few spare hours you can just easily find some job um you know earn some money and that's that's gives you some flexibility so for a lot of people it is important like if you if you know you will have few hours here a few hours there may be a few hours on saturday you know a few hours on monday and but you don't have like a fixed schedule this kind of apps can be super helpful and then you can just find some employer like that and then the more and more you use this app you get more experience uh you can add it to boost your resume on this app and then you can just easily find jobs and earn like you know a couple hundred bucks easily here and there so it can be actually nice so that's basically it if you want to delete your account you can just do it here if you're sensitive about your data and then also you just add your past work experience here so it's important to do that because like one employer go through your cv or through your background and to schedule interviews i will check out all these details um so that's the idea so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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